Delaying Kindergarten Until Your Kid Can Read Steinbeck, Grow Mustache


It’s enrollment season for those of us with kids in school, and we’ve just signed our oldest up for another round of preschool. We could have sent him to kindergarten this coming fall — just after his fifth birthday — but he would represent the youngest in the ever-aging kindergarten set. So, like many of his peers, he’ll be enjoying one more year of play-based preschool before heading to the big leagues when he turns six.

Amid growing rumors of diminishing recess, increased state-sanctioned testing, and a more challenging curriculum in kindergarten, the choice to hold kids back before enrolling in the big K seems to be growing in popularity among parents — mostly in the hopes of ensuring our kids’ academic and emotional readiness.

I’m over at MockMom this week with some satire to poke fun of the issue, but it does speak to a darker concern creeping into the American education system. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the changing face of kindergarten, which seems to be transitioning from an emphasis on play to an emphasis on test results — including long stretches at a desk and curriculum previously reserved for first grade.

Head over to MockMom and let me know what you think. Are they pushing too much on kids today or are we parents just getting a little crazier? How old were your kids when they went to kindergarten? If they were the oldest in their class, are they now CEOs or pro-ballers? If they were the youngest, are they still in therapy for crumbling under the pressure?

A Taste of A Mother’s Expertly Seasoned Future

Sitting around the table on a lazy morning not long ago, I casually asked my son what he wants to be when he grows up. I expected him to say something silly, like Lightning McQueen or a dinosaur, but instead he very matter-of-factly and without hesitation answered, “a chef.”

I did a spit-take with my pretend tea.

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