Meet Catherine


My name is Catherine Naja, and I’m a 28-year-old mother of three beautiful crazies, ages three and under.

In what now seems like a former life, I was a budding and enthusiastic journalist who eventually got bogged down by the instability of working for free or freelancing for crackers. Thank God my husband ended up being fantastic at his more profitable job, so when I got pregnant an hour after the wedding, we didn’t starve. Fast forward four years, and we have just welcomed our third child, a daughter, in October 2014. In what I can only imagine is some sort of divine irony, the kids choose to survive on almost nothing but crackers.

I consider my ability to stay home and raise them to be my life’s greatest blessing.

Young motherhood is a genuinely complex stage of life, full of honor and blessings, fraught with insecurity and isolation, impossible to fully describe without at least a few good poop jokes. I am thrilled to start this adventure and invite you to join in the conversation with me. Come to share a laugh; stay to make sure your family’s dysfunction is within socially acceptable bounds.


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