How to Win at Motherhood

Have you read all the books and blogs and pediatric brochures? Are you interested in having a child who is better looking/smarter/richer/taller than all other children? Do you want your friends to know you’re making great parenting choices while theirs are stupid?

If you dream of being the quintessential mother, head over to Sammiches & Psych Meds tonight for my easy-to-follow tutorial about elbowing past the competition and winning at motherhood.

Have a great weekend all!

XO, Catherine

Hanging out with Lola Lolita this week!

If you aren’t already following Lola Lolita on her hilarious blog, Sammiches & Psych Meds, you should be!

I’m so excited to be contributing to her site this week. Yesterday, I took her to Arendelle to talk about why parents today will never, ever be able to let go of the “Frozen” soundtrack. And today, I’m waxing nostalgic about my taco-and-waffle-eating glory days and the time my toddler reminded me we’re not so different after all.

Please head over and take a look around!

XO, Catherine



Head over to BlogHer today!

So honored to be up on BlogHer today, talking about why it’s so important to contribute to the online conversation about motherhood in a respectful and progressive way. I’ve seen first-hand how powerfully women can help each other and lift each other up by being honest and kind to each other in moms’ groups, blog posts, and social media. It’s a beautiful thing when we do it right! Head over to BlogHer today to read more! Xo

Enjoying a Featured Spot on HuffPost Parents today!

Happy Hump Day, all! Head over to the Huffington Post today and read my piece about why we should be holding ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to speaking about motherhood (and speaking to other mothers) online! Your voice matters!

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