Thankful Thursdays


Today marks the beginning of our ‪#‎ThankfulThursday‬ campaign, and I want to hear from all of you! Gratitude doesn’t have to look pretty or fancy (see our jar-and-masking-tape combo) — it’s about making a choice to be happy with what we have already been given. We’re already seeing reindeer and jingle bells in the stores, and what better way to combat the Christmas gimmies than by reminding your kids how much they already have in this world?

Each morning of November, my kids and I sit at the breakfast table and put one thing into our “Thankful” jar that we are grateful for that day. It was an idea I got last year from a dear friend who is one of the most thoughtful and caring mothers I know. So far, our slips of paper hold thanks for things like our teachers, the unseasonably warm weather that’s been letting us play outside all week, a couple spooky erasers from Halloween, and even “thankful that kid at the playground threw up JUST on the tire swing and not on the swing I was on.” (Good one, Evie.)

So each Thursday leading up to Thanksgiving, I want you to ask your kids what THEY are thankful for. This project is meant to spark a dialogue with our children about gratitude, and then make a daily habit out of it — rewarding on its own, but I want to sweeten the deal. Share their answers here, and for each comment here or on Facebook (, you’ll be entered to win a gift card to help with your holidays. The winner will be announced on Thanksgiving Day.

So let’s hear it : what are YOUR kids thankful for today?

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